Exhibitor Registration


TypeMarch 27th 2020
Small Business$160
Large Business$195
Individual For individual businesses such as photographers, artist, crafters, etc..
Information Information that raises awareness about a certain topic, such as particular health issue i.e Multiple Sclerosis or Breast cancer support groups or addiction recovery support groups
Not-for-ProfitSchools and small non profit organizations that have members and provides support such as MRID
Small BusinessFor profit businesses that have less than 15 employees, i.e. lawyer or insurance sales
Large BusinessMore than 15 employees, i.e. Relay companies

You have two choices to register as an exhibitor: send the form with a check in the mail (traditional but slower) or register online (faster and save time).

Form Paper

Send mail with form paper and check


Online Registration (Recommendation)

Faster and save time

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